Premiere: A1 – Molino feat Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Rett Ned [VGRVS001]

Tripped out, holistic minimal – from the future.

Tender vocals whine over a sublime curation of percussion in this debut release of Visionary Grooves. A palate made up of combinations of acoustic drum sounds casts a powerful atmosphere, remnant of a marching, amazonian tribe. Anchored by a sensual bassline, weightlessly drifting beneath the kick, excellent sample work is the highlight of ‘Rett Ned’.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll’s striking, tender vocals blossom amongst a nest of sounds, the same artist behind the stunning vocal heard in Ricardo Villalobos’ life-affirming ‘Everywhere You Go’ remix.

Dissonant melodies are created from the most abstract everyday sounds, coming together to form a blissful, yet somehow chaotic atmosphere. Elements sit perfectly within the mix, with meticulous and precise positioning.

Introduction of elements are subtle, but clever. Dancing between notes, percussive shakes dart energy into the rhythm, making this abstract shade of minimal a secret dancefloor weapon.

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