Premiere: A1 – MDC – Day Before [FXSND001]


Italian DJ and production duo MDC launch the new label Fox Sound Records with four unique cuts.

The Turin based pair have been a frequent face across the local scene, with regular DJ gigs supporting the likes of Jeff Mills and Derek May, as well as warming up the infamous Kappa Future Festival.

Combining their passion for underground culture with years of experience, the new label plays host to their explorations into deep, expressive club music.

‘Day Before’ opens the record with a slippery venture into broken rhythms featured in this premiere. Sultry, heavily swung hats slot between crafty breaks packed with character. A muted acid line pins a number of loose elements together, falling slightly off-beat, druggy character. of

Vocals narrating American music culture fizzle in the background of beats, adding a contrasting textural character often heard in many sets within the multi-deck, minimalist world.

Elegant synth work washes over the mix following a subtle breakdown around the four minute mark. Warm chords warp around the rhythm with an alluring intensity, before diving back into the slick, moreish beats driving the groove forward.

Each tune across the release possesses a full, big room character, showing their ear for club-ready music from playing on a sound system. Feelings and ideas in the music remain within a more intimate attitude, although carry a warm, club ready punch ready for a lively dance floor.

‘Golden Smile’ pushes on the positivity on the A-side. Maintaining the narrative vocal contrast with slick, garagey rhythms, the duo tap into the energy lifting peak time territories in this sprightly cut before devling deeper on the flip.

‘Revelatio’ is arguably the most emotive pick. Vast, weightless pads spin over tight rhythms that paint the picture of a Sunwaves sunrise. Skippy, sultry snares build beneath ethereal synths being caressed by a pulsing low end gasping to massage a club setup.

Picking up the pace on in the conclusive cut, ‘Spacetravel’ taps into more cosmic driven realms. Percussion maintains the buoyant, garagey bounce with tight snares and hats, whilst delving into a creepier, ominous vibe via the entrance of acid.

A simplistic, three note sequence loops over a fierce broken beat that wouldn’t sound out of place in the sets of the likes of DJ Masda and Evan Baggs. The versatility across this release is a testament to MDC’s dedication to club culture, and makes for an exciting prospect on what is yet to come from the label venture.

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