Premiere: A1 – MANESSY – Solution [E1008]

The name MANESSY might not be a name that you might be familiar with just yet…but you will. This is in fact a brand-new alias from Dutch trio which is on fire at the moment, and with their upcoming ‘Solution’ EP on Lauren Lo Sung and Sian Bennet’s e1even Records they aim to sort that issue rather quickly.

Heading straight for the A1 lead track ‘Solution’ this group of exciting artists wastes no time in going for the jugular. Spacey pads and modular percussions fleck across each other while awaiting the rounded bassline that will be joining shortly. Firmly placed in the heads-down groove section ‘Solution’ is a perfectly weighted minimal tech-house track. Just the right amount of thump in the drums, serious amounts of funk in the bassline and that ever so sweet pad and arpeggiated synth combo that keeps things interesting higher up the frequency range.

Moving on to the rest of the EP, ‘Meraki’ keeps the groove going with more upbeat goodness and more funky basslines. ‘Oblivion’ is a deeper affair with skipping hats that propel the track in a few directions at once but still retains that early morning peak time vibe that is sure to be the calling card of this trio. Lastly ‘Cenote’ offers a slightly different tact with an irresistible acidic bassline and some nice lo-fi synth work to match.

The end result is a great 4 track debut from the exciting triple threat of artists that will surely grow over time.

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