Premiere: A1 – Laurent Garnier – Water Planet [BEST001]

Japanese festival and collective of the same name Rainbow Disco Club are currently letting the ink dry on their brand-new label Beyond Space and Time. The format of the label will mean that RDC friends and family will be invited to open up their record bag and collect together tracks that set them apart from and that is their secret weapons.

To inaugurate the label, they have invited DJ Nobu to dig into his record bag and he has done just that. He has brought together 10 vintage cuts that will go some way to encapsulate him as an artist. Making his debut on the premiere pages of Trommel is French techno maestro and Detroit affiliate Laurent Garnier. Nobu has chosen to opt for one of Laurents earlier works from 1993 and places it at the start of the release and as he explains regarding ‘Water Planet’ in the release notes, “He always manages to create something truly emotional. This is not his biggest hit, but it’s my favorite.” He is bang on the money as this timeless piece of Detroit techno is half vintage, half music from a distant future and the reversed synths and a light arpeggiating synth line that bobs and weaves throughout the track is enough to transport even the jaded of clubber to another planet.

Elsewhere on the compilation you will find some tough action in the form of Mono Junk’s equally historic dream techno bomb ‘Beyond The Darkness’, then on the flip you will find Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia’s ‘The Valley
’ which stretches back even further to 1991 and Melody Boy 2000 ‘Plenty Of Love
’ completes the first part of this double “12.

Moving over to part 2 of the release DJ Nobu is in an eclectic mood as he covers most bases with the almost proto techno-trance of Drax Ltd. II’s ‘Amphetamine
’, Dan Curtins ‘3rd From The Sun
’, the low-slung electro of Front 242’s ‘U-Men.
’. Kicking off the 4th and final side of the release is ‘E3 E6 Roll On
’ from The Prince Of Dance Music and as he confesses, “This is the track I played the most up until around 2006.” D2 features the radio static stepper ‘Lähetys / Transmission
’ from Pan Sonic which was released by RDC as a “7 sampler for this release and the thought-provoking compilation is brought to a melancholy climax with Burial’s ‘Archangel’, a track that caused much furor when it was released back in 2007. If you think you know techno then this compilation from one of the genres diggers will pleasantly surprise you.

You can grab a piece of the pre-sale action at Rush Hour.

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