Premiere: A1 – J Onstott – Holualoa [ITBVA02]

London producer J Onstott provides a stunning breaks inspired jam for the second release of California based label In The Bagg.

As the name suggests, the US label are on a mission to provide sleek, elegant cuts that remain in your record bag. Transgressing through thresholds of genres touching on house, minimal and breaks, tooly-driven cuts explore a soulful palate that is sure to light up every dance floor regardless of context. The crew also design lush slip mats of their own, as well as frequent collaborations with brands.

There are a tight crew of producers involved in the project, providing a refreshing fluidity of influences. J Onstott featured on the first release alongside Sir Roscoe, Leve, Wolffe D, Chuwee and Rupert Wall. The collective of lesser known producers strive to create a community-like setup, pushing the sounds of talented friends with a strong connection to club culture.

Returning to the label to open proceedings, J Onstott brings a hazy broken cut to A1 ‘Holualoa’. Serene chords set a tranquil tone, floating above a lean break that really sums up the open, spacious vibe of this track. A crisp snare slots between the occasional kick and subtle, filtered hi-hats complimenting this blissful vibe.

Sounds eventually open up into a luscious, deep bassline that keeps the energy flowing whilst maintaining the effortless and laid-back atmospheres. Dreamy chords flutter into the mix, bringing with them a zesty squelch and a layer of intricate field recording like sounds adding a lush depth to the track.

It’s the sign of a producer making music for the right reasons, not pushing energies to the limit or trying to show off certain elements. Ideas flow into one another with a natural and refreshing charm that makes for beautiful moments on the dance floor.

The mystical alias of ╤─ lifts the energy in the A2, bringing a slippery and slimy jam littered with naughty acid lines. Atmospheres remain within a similar hazey, dream-state realm, whilst fizzy and craft percussions lift the energy for the more peak hours on the dance floor.

Will Fatorre aka Wink brings the banger of the cut. Gorgeous synth notes flutter in the foreground, allowing for a bomb of a bassline to take the charge. You can picture the likes of Anthea or Bruno Schmidt lighting up the floor with this weapon.

Louiv closes out this versatile V/A with a deeper cut. Pensive chords swim over a slick beat packed with punch, whilst a brooding bassline does the business for those murky, after-hour and basement sessions.

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