Premiere: A1 – IWOU – Mammut [IWOU002]


Italian vinyl imprint IWOU shape their second release.

Andrea Landi, Carlo Barassi & Niki Bertullo launched the label at the back end of last year, pushing a dissonant, modular led sound seeing early support from the likes of Varhat and Janaret in the previously premiered IWOU 001.

The trio delve further into warm, rolling dynamics in IWOU002, with three punchy cuts pleading for playtime on club sound systems of the highest calibre. This audiophile approach is evident in the surgical use of bleeps, pops and textures forming the core of the premiered ‘Mammut’.

Sequences carry an improvisational feel, weaving immaculately between one another without intruding on the huge, brooding bassline driving the track forwards. Similarly in the drum palate, hats fall from the mix with a natural elegance, as if taken from an extract of an extended hardware jam.

A dedication to sound and analogue expressions also seeps into the aesthetics of the label, with minimal detail surrounding the releases, and a plain, hand stamped vinyl offering limited distraction from the music.

Each cut in IWOU 002 adheres to a fierce energy, littered with dissonant melodies that could find place in the sets of the likes of Yoyaku’s Lamache or Romania’s Mihigh. ‘Don’t Stop’ works with twisted vocals and a heavy low-slung bassline on the B side, backed by punchy 909 drums bringing balance to the track’s pensive tendencies.

‘Crumple’ concludes the EP with the most blissful vibe of the three. Hopeful chords sing in a pronounced high end, blending with subtle pads and muted hi-hat patterns.

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