Premiere: A1 – Ascot/ww – Hypno Time [CLUT003]

You should probably already know about the Clut Communication crew with their quite promising label and a podcast series. Their label caught people like Alec Falconer and John Shima on their first installment and got a very nice split by Alex Dima and Odracir on the follow-up release. Their podcast series features names like Philipp Boss, Kizoku, Yoshitaca or Komponente – each one provided a very nice selection there.

For their third release – and for the first time made by only one person – Ascot/ww was chosen. The project by Matteo Pasini, that could be seen on Tone Dropout (many times) and Fear Of Dog (once) before. And since we’re considering Clut Communcation as a blend of housey/electry tunes – this time, it seems from Matteo’s previous releases, they looked into the electro side more. Or not? Let’s see.

The opener Hypno Time takes no prisoners. With its big room vibe and a funky breaksy structure it could be easily imagined in many DJ-bags after its release – so far it could just provoke a feeling of envy because you don’t have that promo on your USB. Definitely a DJ-tool (are we still using that word?). Limit transforms some Tone Dropout feel into CLUT003 – at least, I like that label quite exactly for sounds like those – 4/4 bleepy electro with a touch of UFO breaks, if you want.

Tarot, being the B-side starter, knows that perfectly, sending a lighter but still big room vibe along the way. Maybe, it could be called morning atmosphere (especially in the second part). And quite aggressive Too Late finishes the EP, in case, you wanted to take this release to some techno rooms too.

This release is planned to be ready at the beginning of March, so don’t miss it on Juno, Deejay, Decks, or wherever you buy your wax.

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