Premiere: 5 – Crâne de Poule – Citric Ringo [CDPREC007]

Crâne de Poule - CDP REC artwork

Initially born as a character dreamt from the mind of a child, Crâne de Poule has been brought to life by her maker several years later, for the purpose of making music.

The name behind the persona is Louise Engelmann, who combines creativity on her label CDP REC. Taking care of both the artwork and the sound, there’s a special focus on each and every release, as visual and audio come together in complement.

Her latest edition pays homage to one of the most acclaimed British albums of all time. The aptly named Acid Road EP injects the sound of the Roland-303 into four tributes to the esteemed Beatle band members. Our premiere celebrates the sound of the drummer, as we present ‘Citric Ringo’.

Fast paced and fluid, rhythms are rapid and bubbling with energy. The bassline thumps evenly, considerate of the dancefloor, remaining neutral in respect of the classically trained melodies that follow.

Of course the squelching sounds of acid remain throughout, filtered back and forth along the main line of the beat. An early influence of jazz dictates the determined piano, a medley of moods becoming fuller in the progression. Chords direct, keys dance and as pitches raise the movement of key strokes become very much alive.

This concoction of heavy mover with organic introspection lifts the usual groove into something that can be appreciated for the musical piece that it is. And for the record collectors, Engelmann’s self-served artwork delivers an artistic piece in its entirety.

The EP comes with three more originals, each with their own vision and personality, three separate representations of the remaining members of the band at heart.

Buy ‘Acid Road’ EP via a range of channels here, due for release on 17th January.

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