Premiere: 4 – ROTUL – Sunset Forest Rave [SC004]

ROTUL - Silence Collapse EP cover

If you’re looking to check out something a little different, delve into the catalogue of Silence Collapse. The digital platform, which comes from Lyon in France, are about to release their fourth on the label. Another twist in the journey through a presentation of unusual, genre bending soundscapes that have up to this point featured everything from leftfield to ambient, to breaks, techno and house. The latter resurfaces for this one, as ROTUL returns to the label with his first full EP.

‘Mysterious Signal’ EP comes with a story. A tongue-in-cheek narrative that draws on own opinion and hints at strains on today’s society. But this one was extraterrestrial and the music was born from a Copernetic spaceship. A soundtrack to ROTUL’s own thoughts, that was in the making for two years.

Fiction aside, the EP features four tracks mastered by Per Hammar and a thoughtful slice of artwork from Malou La Gaspille. We’ve taken ‘Sunset Forest Rave’ on the premiere.

Warm chords wrap fuzzy melody around a slick beat. Synth drifts dreamily into long, luscious notes, a playful dance that offers an affectionate energy from the first second. The kick is heavy hitting, bouncing a decisive rhythm that drives the floating bassline around it.

Pleasant feels grip throughout, on a track that comes with a welcome title, a direction for where the groove might feel most at home. During the sunset, outside in the rave. It might be in the forest, or maybe its by the beach. Wherever it takes you, there’s a charming vibe bringing the EP to a fine close.

Buy Mysterious Signal EP from Bandcamp on 31st March.

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