Premiere: 3 – Sueezo – Jadees [CDSZO001]

Sueezo - EP art

Sueezo embarks on the next leg of his musical journey, with the recent release of his first EP. The Valencia based artist has had this one up his sleeve for a while. A regular on the electronic music circuit in the Spanish city, he has already grown as a DJ. Now, he grows as an artist.

Something drew Sueezo to last weeks’ ‘Twosday’. A pattern impossible to miss, yet rare in nature. 22/2/22 was the chosen release date of Jadees EP and collectors can buy one of 222 exclusive edition CDs – each of which have been handmade.

The EP features three original tracks, percussive pieces that celebrate a blend of sun-soaked sounds and deeper dub infusion. We take the latter offering on the premiere and the EP title track is saved until last.

‘Jadees’ is the deep dubby one. Lashings of acid sit patiently under a melodic synth line. Delicate keys trickle in echo, as an eery mist builds in the atmosphere. Groove is low slung, embedded in a soft bassline and pierced by the sharp percussion above.

Mood intensifies as the elements roll. Textures are layered, shaking through corridors of pensive sophistication. As the melodies become more intricate, a fine balance dictates mysterious exploration. The fullness of sound attacks all the senses, an easy one to get lost in with so much around the ears.

Balaeric beats dominate the rest of the EP, as if they floated up shore from the islands nearby. ‘Orange Window’ is as cool as it is fun, breathing a freshness through its drum patterns, while ‘Sudden Change’ has the heftier bassline, with strong synth notes showering warmth.

Buy the EP from Bandcamp, in digital or limited edition CD.

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