Premiere: 2 – Rocco.fx – My Own Spirit [OUT008]

Rocco.fx returns to his own label OUT Records, the Barcelona-based project known for its prolific output and live performances as they proudly announce the label’s eighth release on Bandcamp.

This latest compilation showcases the label’s dedication to hardware-made music and features a stellar lineup of artists, including a standout track by the label’s co-founder, Rocco.fx. ‘My Own Spirit’ captures the essence of the label’s vision with its infectious groove and vocoder-infused vocals.

The track is characterised by its smooth, housey rhythms blending with a menacing electro-vibe and the distinct use of vocals, creating an ethereal and nostalgic vibe. This combination of elements results in a track that is both timeless and innovative, perfectly encapsulating the essence of OUT Records and their goal to be an ‘intelligent dance label’.

Rocco.fx discusses his creative process, emphasising the use of a modular synthesiser to craft the unique sounds that define ‘My Own Spirit’. This hands-on approach to music production is a hallmark of OUT Records, where live performances and hardware-made music reign supreme.

Rocco.fx’s expertise with modular synthesis adds a layer of complexity and depth to his music, making his solo track a standout track in the compilation. The artist also has a series of productions available on his personal Bandcamp where you can get a deeper taste of his sound.

The eighth release from OUT Records features ten tracks from a diverse array of artists, each bringing their unique sound to the table. A number of Barcelona-based artists bring their touch, including Papp, Lloyd Stellar, C.MO, Elektrash, Kolko, Dromia, Cazou, Meeks and Leon XII. It’s an intriguing collective of producers pushing this raw, live-inspired approach to making music.

The use of modular synthesisers and other hardware instruments allows artists to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating sounds that are both fresh and deeply rooted in the traditions of dance music. This release is a testament to that vision, offering listeners a diverse and immersive listening experience for both at home and on the dance floor.

Buy the full 10-track release on Bandcamp.

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