Premiere: 1 – Nas Elmes – Not Today [MFR006B]

London-based Metafloor Records present a two-part, 14-track various artist release.

Compiling a number of producers to navigate a trip from sunset to sunrise, varying moods dial into uplifting domains, as well as the more freaky, after-hour vibes.

Nas Elmes nails the former in the featured premiere of ‘Not Today’. Hopeful, world-inspired elements build around a punchy drum palate, with lively jazz keys and mellow guitar jams communicating with one another throughout the track.

Production of both swift percussion and a simple bassline form a spacious framework around samples, allowing sounds to breathe in a calm, joyous nature. Lush female vocals narrate an inspiring lyrical story touching on love, appreciation, and inner peace.

Sun-kissed textural work coats the track with a warm, welcoming vibe that would go down swimmingly at a soon to come open-air dance. Early support on the label comes from the likes of Archie Hamilton and James Dexter, sure to find its way into the locker of many selectors across the UK and Europe.

Mihai Popoviciu features on part one, opening the release with a sleazy, mystical jam that sets a perfect 3am mood. Squelchy bombs from Camilo and Kreed also make up the seven track spread, flexing huge, slick basslines and crisp percussion.

The UK outfit have been committed to sculpting their deep, groove-driven aesthetic, with six releases in just eight months since inception. Regular showcases featured around the capital pre-lockdown, with a varied crew of selectors you can hear on the imprint’s regular podcast series.

Michael James has been announced for the crew’s second birthday celebrations upon the re-opening of clubland, showcasing at Colours Hoxton on Friday 30th July. Grab tickets for the event here.

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