Premiere: 1 – Harrison Morris – Wuluwaid [HAR001]

Australian based artist Harrison Morrison launches the new Harriet imprint with the high octane one-two punch ‘Wuluwaid’ EP. It features the original works from Harrison and a cosmic reworking from Perlon mainstay Ivan Iacobucci. With a refreshing less is more attitude to the promotion this release lets the music do the talking, and it has a lot to say.

It is easy to see why there has been huge support from the likes of Ben UFO, Sonja Moonear, Raresh, Enzo Siragusa, and Bobby. as the original version from Harrison winds and rolls the breakneck percussion through the track seemingly never repeating the same pattern twice. The chanting vocal adds to this energy and the melding of minimal, Afro rhythms, and with a hint of 90’s Techno a real gem of a track is presented.

Taking aim at the only remix on the EP is Perlon artist Ivan Iacobucci and while he is adept at Afro grooves with his “Pria Negra” heater already being added to the archives of his highlight reel he has opted for a different tact on his remix. His version of “Wuluwaid” strips the grooves from the original and instead focuses on the background elements that include spring loaded synth, heavy processing of the chanting vocals, and then combines this with an eerie synth of his own design. He also opts to keep the percussion and drums to a minimum to enable the focus to remain on the ethereal interpretation of the main track idea.

You can grab Harrison Morris’ “Wuluwaid” EP via Bandcamp.

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