Trommel.160 – Volkan Akin (live)

Volkan Akin is a name synonymous with the very heart and soul of minimal, combining simple structures with complex modular synthesis all underpinned by intoxicating and infectious rhythms.

His character as an artist shines through every medium of his work – from seminal releases on Funhaus, BodyParts and Pluie/Noir Experimental Media, to the sublimity of his extended live sets heard today. It is safe to say he is most definitely one to watch. The demand for Volkan Akin’s sound is reflected not only in his regular appearances within Berlin’s favourite minimal haunts, namely Club Der Visionaere and Hoppetosse, but also further afield having played at Rodnya, Fuse Brussels and Zig Zag Paris to name a few.

The frequency of his sets at these Berlin hubs mirrors his commitment to his music as he continues to drop awe-inspiring sets and releases that would have even the most stubborn of toes tapping along!

His notable studio expertise and the respect he has gained through his work more than translates to his understanding of the nuances in executing DJ sets that will turn heads and keep them turned.

The mix he has recorded for us spans a wealth of cutting-edge underground sounds, leaving lasting impressions as he tells tales through a musical universe that he has made entirely his own. Flirting with elements of dub, acid and a plethora of influences from music across the globe, Volkan’s mix is sure to keep you on your toes whilst providing enough ear candy to stimulate the mind with a constant sense of wonder from start to finish.

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