Trommel.138 – David Gtronic

The Colombian born, German based artist David Gtronic that calls Miami home by these very words is a well-travelled selector but that doesn’t even come close to the truth. Having reached most corners of the world is no mean feat but one that is well deserved given his time in the game and skills in his locker. With a rap sheet that stretches back to at least 2012 David is one of the main players in the Vatos Locos crew.

An artist with more than just house or techno as the strings on his bows his skills in the studio have been employed by a wealth of diverse labels such as SCI + TEC, Leftback, Fa>le Records and many more besides. Now to his mix for our podcast series and operating within the realm of minimal but even after one listen of his 90+ minute mix he is clearly not minimal, more like maximal vibes. Muscular beats and upfront programming all have a place close to his heart and his mix that contains only his own unreleased productions pushes many different sounds to full effect. Watch out for these tracks making their way on to your favourite labels shortly…

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