Free Download: Iulian – RO-Alert [TFD046]

The young Romanian artist Iulian has been making serious inroads to the minimal highway for some time now. His self-released tracks via Bandcamp have been picked up by the likes of Crihan, Lizz, and Priku and if you have attended seen any of these artists play in the last few years you will likely have heard one his tracks.

His track for our Free Track Download series edges towards the more peak time side of minimal. Packed full of energy, yet heavy-hitting, bristling with inventive yet sublime moments of bliss. ‘RO-Alert’ hints at the mobile early notification system used by the Romanian government to announce of health warning. Quite a severe issue to incorporate into a track but the shimmering synths that bloom to the top of the mix that punctuate the track would definitely be a welcome replacement for current notification being used.

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