Trommel and AlphaTheta join forces curating artists and productions for a Trommel original series

    After many months of work behind the scenes, we are delighted to announce that for the next three months Trommel and AlphaTheta will be co-curating the artists and productions content for the Trommel Free Download series, including also Trommel original artists features. AlphaTheta is the latest brand addition to the DJ equipment world by AlphaTheta Corporation, the umbrella group for brands like Pioneer DJ, KUVO, rekordbox and TORAIZ, known for redesigning the electronic music performance landscape. We could not think of a better partner to work with to dig deeper into the artists who consistently provide the excellent music for our Free Download series and beyond.

    During the coming months, this one-of-a-kind partnership will see Trommel and AlphaTheta scouring the earth for the finest music to present to our legion of fans and supporters and, as usual, it is all for free. As well as the consistently high-grade music, we will also be delving into each of the diverse array of artists that we will be presenting in bi-monthly appointments.  

    With a view to launch this new partnership this week, we will be telling the stories of several artists from the beginning of their journey into electronic music until present day as well as touching on interesting topics related to their background and artistic evolution. Stay tuned for this new and exciting chapter in our long running Free Download series with AlphaTheta as our collaborator.

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