Worthy music production tools and masterclasses at producertools.net platform

Something has to be said for the flourishing creativity that the pandemic has inadvertently brought with it. Whether it be through a means to stimulate, communicate, educate or simply just procrastinate, projects and ideas have been born across the industry. While doors to the dance floor have remained firmly shut for what now seems like an eternity, many other doors have opened. That also includes online portals, like that of Viennese sound design community producertools.net.

producertools.net provides a well-rounded platform that covers all things of music production. Users across the electronic musical spectrum are catered for. Be they musicians, producers or DJs, this online space for education offers the tools to channel those creative flows.

LIZZ sample pack

Initially, this meant offering masterclasses and distributing sample packs featuring musical loops, synthesiser sounds and all the rest. Perhaps the most interesting part of the concept is the Artist Series. A whole host of big names in the business have delivered their own tools for production, with a heavy influence from the Romanian scene. LIZZ, Nu Zau, Hostox, KiriK and more recently Trommel favourite Dragutesku have all featured.

The latest exclusive artist pack is in fact made by the Romanian producer and is focused on minimal and microhouse sounds. It can be found here and you can benefit from 20% discount on this as well as all digital goods by using the TROMMEL21 voucher

The website is certainly worth a look in, whether you’re a budding artist or an experienced producer wanting to explore a different flow. There’s plenty of content to go at and more surprises planned in the pipeline.

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