under the tree deliver yet again with a duo of top debuts

Swiss promoters under the tree have an insane knack for delivering on the promise of the best minimal bookings in Europe and they are yet to disappoint. This statement could not be truer with regards to their next party on Saturday, August 29th at Supermarket.

We intimated last month that there would be visits from some of Romania’s leading names but to have two in one party will most definitely prove to be a massive roadblock. Making their debuts at Supermarket will be [a:rpia:r] member Raresh as well as UVAR co-founder Sepp. Either one of these artists on their own would be a sight to behold but together the vibe that they will stitch together will perhaps be one of the nights of the season.

Sepp is possibly one of the most productive and as a result one of the most in demand artists on the circuit and with a slew of releases having just dropped or about to blow up there is always a constant flow of freshly baked bombs up his sleeve. Then there is Raresh, I am sure we don’t really need to say much more than that other than he seldom delivers anything less but a masterclass. As with all events lucky enough to currently run capacity is vastly reduced so the chance to experience such a mouthwatering evening of music that will be more than aided and abetted by Supermarket regulars Flavio and Romano Corsini.

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