Ukraine arts hub Closer reaches fundraising target in record time

Having only reported the news of Closer’s fundraising plight a mere 11 days ago the Ukraine arts center has already reached their proposed target. Closer were required to raise 17,000 euros by December 20th and then a further 17,000 euros by March 1st in order for them to weather this difficult period and prepare to receive clubbers during the well-subscribed summer months but this total amount has been reached in just over a week.

This staggering feat signals just how important Closer is to Ukraine and the world underground music scene as the art hotspot has emerging local and national talent at its very core and losing this important venue would be catastrophic for the landscape of the arts in the region.

As well as giving talented artists the platform needed to launch and maintain a career in the arts Closer is also regularly a home away from home for the likes of Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh and Nicolas Lutz. In a time where there seems to be bad news announced on a daily basis, it is fantastic to see such huge support for such an influential venue.

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