The Sub welcome a pair top artists to Belgium for their next event

Belgian crew The Sub are shaping up for their second event and if their first event is anything to go by then the underground are in for a treat. Having set up their home at the expansive creative hub of Brussels’ Studio Citygate The Sub’s aim is to bring to the region something a bit different from the norm. Belgium is undoubtedly a haven for underground music but by in the eyes of The Sub the bookings have become a bit formulaic. This is of course something that they are looking to turn on its head with the advent of their first event back in October they welcomed none other than Audio Werner and Andrey Pushkarev. A first event that few could bring to fruition.

With each of the team member having their own experiences in the music industry for some years they have chosen to combine their powers. Their ethos is to produce a series of events representative of their joint vision and not just adding to the status quo. To achieve this, it is imperative that they bring just the right artists and present them in in the right scenario. As well as the venue being on point The Sub will also be presenting a huge 24KW soundsystem capable of faithfully reproducing the deepest of bass and the most intricate of rhythms. The clarity of the sound is just important as the loudness and as well as the experience of professional sound there will also be mind expanding live visuals from Digital Mushy b2b Byoze.

With the stage now set all that is left to add to The Sub’s next event on Saturday, February 11th is the musical stars that will be given these tools to create magic. First up is French duo Zendid and their discography and tour schedule more than speaks for itself. Being well respected members of the underground they are well versed in commanding all manner of dancefloors. Their dark, brooding side is constantly fighting with their deeper, more poignant alter ego. Joining this duo is an absolute heroine of our scene – Dana Ruh. Through her undoubted work and clear influence in the underground house movement she has been pivotal in bridging the gap between house and minimal through her releases, DJ sets and 60Waves (KMA60) record store / distribution. Delivering the all-important warmup set will be local talent Jerome.c and if you cast your mind back to the first ever edition of our podcast series you will find a recognisable name.

The Sub is a team of creatives with big plans and with their first two events being of this calibre we have no doubt that their success is assured. Not wishing to settle for the here and now the team have huge plans to open their own club in the heart of Brussels and of course this would feature all the basic elements that are highly prized in their current venture. Sound, light, visuals, programming and above all else vibe. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that in the future, but for now do yourself a favour and get yourself along to their next event with Zendid, Dana Ruh, and Jerome.c on Saturday, February 11th.

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