#SaveBlank fundraising campaign launched for the St. Petersburg club

Due to current restrictions imposed famous St. Petersburg’s club Blank has sadly begun a crowdfunding campaign to help save the venue. Due to the current pandemic effects, it has been very hard to throw the type of events that have brought the likes of Evan Baggs, Vlada, DJ Stingray 313, Binh and a raft of local artists to the hallowed arches of Blank over the past four years. Over the course of the two-month fundraising project the club hopes to raise 34k euros in order to pay off rental arrears and be able to support the team and continue full-fledged work, as far as possible during quarantine restrictions.

Like many independent cultural institutions in Russia, nightclubs have not received government support to keep them afloat during quarantine. The quarantine also did not affect the decrease in the amount of rent. By December 17, the club had to deposit 30% of the declared amount, but did not manage to collect the money. This is reported in their official social networks and at the time of this writing, Blank has collected 26% of the funding and has been supported by over 521 sponsors from all over the world. Besides this, the team plans to lease the location for shooting, which should also help speed up the process of collecting money for timely rental payments.

The residents of the club have prepared two special releases for fundraising: digital ‘Save Blank’ and ‘Special Vinyl Edition’. They will go to sponsors who support the club for a certain amount. Other rewards include merch, tickets and even a DJing course from the residents. As is always too regular a story, the arts in certain parts of the world are not fully supported and so in order to give the community the counter culture they are crying out for it usually comes fully at the expense of the organisers.

The full Blank statement on the project and how to donate is on the crowdfunding page here. #blankclub #saveblank

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