Dimensions Festival return this summer with a packed out full lineup

© Photography by Rob Jones for Khroma Collective (www.instagram.com/khromacollective)

2022 was a very special year for Dimensions Festival, turning ten is huge achievement for a club night or a label but this is one of the most iconic festivals in the world. To have led from the front since their first sun kissed edition and remain ever expanding and always growing is a feat few can lay claim to. Their tenth anniversary was certainly one for the books, but it is onwards and upwards for Dimensions’ Croatian adventures.

Marking one of the finest swan songs of the summer season Dimensions will be taking place between Thursday, August 31st and Monday, September 4th. It is hard to know where to start with breaking down the fun and you can pour over the tremendous full artist line-up below, but to begin with we need to tell you about the white-hot back to back pairings that can be found this year. For a start, top selector Sugar Free will be teaming up with fellow digger Peach where they will be playing back to back for the first time on any line-up. More team ups will come in the form of Malika & Matthew Neequaye, Christian AB & Quest, Gene On Earth & Dyed Soundorom, Youandewan & Huerta, Masda & Evan Baggs, tINI & Doudou MD, and Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany.

© Photography by Rob Jones for Khroma Collective (www.instagram.com/khromacollective)

Always looking to push new music how better to present this than allowing the artists to share their original creations live with directly with their audience live. While there is clearly a huge range of top tier DJ’s providing much of the soundtracks throughout the journey the live acts are just as exciting. The opportunity to catch Sweely in the Olive Grove, or Z@p on the beach, Hieroglyphic Being on a boat, or OCB aka Driss Bennis at Barbarella’s, the dream scenarios are endless. The Dimensions team still have a lot of mouth-watering business to share with you including the finer details of the after party’s that will be taking place at the world renowned Barbarella’s.

© Photography by Rob Jones for Khroma Collective (www.instagram.com/khromacollective)

The eagle eyed amongst you will also have noticed that we will be returning to Croatia as stage hosts and having come correct with Binh, Quest, Unai Trotti, Anthea and Junki Inoue. We will assuredly have more where that came from but you will have wait to find out the finer details. There are also the infamous boat parties still to be announced and finally the stage breakdowns where the magic will happen. There is a lot to take in when it comes to Dimensions Festival but that is what makes it such an unbelievable event.

Tickets for the after party can be purchased here, and at the moment you can grab a full pass from £30 pp.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased here.


Adam Pits & Lisene – Space Cadets, Albin, Aletha, Alex Kassian, Andy Luff, Anz, Bluetoof, Borys & Noizar, Bugs Groove, Carl H, CCL, Christian AB b2b Quest, Craigie Knowes, d.phylleia, David Martin, DJ Assault, DJ Bone (Electro Set), DJ Masda b2b Evan Baggs, DJ Perception, DJ Pipe, DJ Stingray 313, DJ Voices, Donato Dozzy, Donna Leake, Dr Baird, Dr Banana, Dr Rubinstein, Eich, Enchanted Rhythms, Enrica Falqui, Flo Dill, Francesco Del Garda, Freakenstein, Full Circle – Alexis Le Tan & Joakim, Fumiya Tanaka, Gabbs, Garrett David, Gene On Earth b2b Dyed Soundorom, GiGi FM, Guy Contact, Hamish & Toby, Harri Pepper, Heels & Souls, Helena Hauff, Hieroglyphic Being (live), Inner Zone, Iration Steppas (live), ISAbella, Jack Wrenn, James Andrew & Charley, James Falco, Jaye Ward, Jen Harkness, Joe Delon, Joe Gill, Josey Rebelle, Junior, k means, Kold Faction, KRN, L.F.T., Lady Passion, Laidlaw, Liquid Earth, Lora Mipsum, LTJ Bukem & MC Lowqui, Lucy Cook, Mala, Malika, Mari.te, Matthew Neequaye, Matthias, Melody, Migz, Mother Earth, Neel, Nicolas Lutz, Nite Fleit, Objekt, OCB aka Driss Bennis Live, OK Williams, Om Unit, Onur Özer, Paquita Gordon, Paramida, Peach b2b Sugar Free, Pete Melba, Prosumer, Raphael Carrau, Rasho, Ron Obvious (live), Roza Terenzi b2b D Tiffany, Sean OD, Selfhood, Simon Scott, Skee Mask, So-Fi, Steevio Live, Sweely, Sybil, T. Jacques, Tasha, The Ghost, Tho & Loren, Tim Reaper, Tini b2b Doudou MD, Tony Neptune, Travis, Tristan Da Cunha, Truly Madly, Unai Trotti, Velvet Velour, Voigtmann, Vrm Vrm, XDB, Youandewan b2b Huerta, Z@p Live, Zip


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