Dimensions Festival set for another large one as the full lineup is announced

News keeps on coming in from HQ at Croatian festival Dimensions. Now approaching its twelfth edition, it remains a highlight in the clubbing calendar for the most discerning of electronic music enthusiasts. Despite already being a must attend movement, the organisers continue to envelope innovative ideas into the program. From exploring new areas for the dance to introducing forward thinking collaborations, what is a tried and tested formula is only getting better with age.

Of course what really keeps the appetite at its peak is the lineup and this year it’s as epic as ever. Little time was wasted for a taste after the last one, with the first names of the roster announced in the following month. And it was already plenty juicy. Now however the full program has been revealed and it’s a star studded cast, featuring festival favourites and a bunch of debuts for good measure.

The most notable names joining the lengthy list start with Perlon hero Fumiya Tanaka. This is an artist who hasn’t stopped being in his prime since decades passed, championing a sound of bass heavy minimal that is as fresh now as it was back then. His Dimensions performance last year was one for the books so of course, he should be back so soon. Mathew Jonson also returns with one of his revered live sets, a chunky electronic showcase spanning a career at the helm of the music machine. Also welcomed back with open arms you can find Mala and Sweely, Quest, Saoirse, Skee Mask, Paquite and Helena Hauff bringing a touch of the heavier stuff.

There are also plenty of new additions joining the Dimensions roster for the first time. O.BEE & Tomas Station continue their ever evolving journey, adding another notch on a most in demand of schedules. The Small Hours crew are also in tow, paired up with Liquid Earth b2b Huerta & Youandewan b2b Laidlaw. Fabric London mainstay Harry McCanna brings a flavour of his own NorthSouth Records and a rounded, quality spread comes with Andrew James Gustav, OMAR, Bruno Schmidt, Melody b2b mari.te and Willow.

As aforementioned, these names are joining a truly tasteful selection, a blend of revered DJs and up-and-coming artists. And that’s not all, with further announcements expected regarding festival partners (watch this space), collaborations and excitable afters. Keep a watchful eye as the story unfolds and in the meantime, if you haven’t secured your ticket yet, you know what to do…

Tickets to the 2024 edition of Dimensions Festival are available here, now on second release.


Adam Pits b2b Aletha, Adi, Admo (live), AliA, Andrew James Gustav, Anthea b2b tINI, Batu, Bruno Schmidt, Christian AB, Coast 2 Coast: Gene on Earth & The Ghost, Darwin, Data Memory Access (live), DJ Fart in the Club, DJ Masda b2b Unai Trotti, DJ Nobu, DJ Pipe & Taslo, DMX Krew (live), Dr Banana b2b Truly Madly, dreamcastmoe (live), Dungeon Meat: Tristan Da Cunha & Brawther, Eris Drew, Fumiya Tanaka, Flo Masse, Garrett David (live), Giammarco Orsini, Hamish & Toby, Harry McKanna, Heels & Souls, Helena Hauff, International Mac & Tau Car, ISAbella, Jade Seatle, Jane Fitz, Jorg Kuning (live), Kyle Toole, Laurine & Cecilio, Liquid Earth b2b Huerta, livwutang, Loa Szala, Lola Haro, Mad Miran, Mala & Sweely, Malika, MARICAS, Mathew Jonson, Melina Serser, Melody b2b Mari.te, Moopie, O.BEE & Tomas Station, OMAR, Paquita Gordon, Peach, Phone Traxxx (live), Plush Managements inc D. Tiffany & Regular Fantasy, Quest, Saoirse, Sibil & Mayell, Skee Mask, Radioactive Man (live), Reptant (live), Shannen SP, Shanti Celeste, Shy One, Sonja Moonear, Spekki Webu, Sugar Free & Fonte, Todd Edwards (UKG Set), Velasco, Vlada, Valdimir Ivkovic, Willow, Youandewan b2b Laidlaw

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