Premiere: B2 – Marijn S – Uh-Oh [PA004]

Independent sonic collective Polychrome Audio has one foot in Amsterdam and one in London, an enviable position by anybody’s standards. With their musical output over their previous three releases ranging from dubby, hypnotic techno, pop friendly lush soundscapes, heady breaks, and now their fourth edition is primed and ready. Coming from Amsterdamer Marijn S, she presents four original cuts on the “Conundrum” EP.

We take aim at the all encompassing “Uh-Oh” and what a ride it is. What starts out as a serene music picture soon bends and morphs into a sublime breaky workout. With tinges of 90’s memories ingrained into the sound palette, verby percussion soon takes the lead before allowing entry to an arpeggiating synth line and rocking snare hits. An almighty bassline soon reveals itself and this is where the action gets very interesting. The soundscape ebbs and flows in and out of view with the drums stepping in and out at just the right moments as if anticipating what the listener wants and needs.

Elsewhere on side B, “Hazy Moon” is a much more chilled affair. Delayed keys and synth chords bleed into one another like a celestial body of water but with just the right amount of detuning to conjure up many thought provoking ideas and notions.

Circling back to the beginning of the release, “Arctic Flora” is most definitely one for the riddim heads. Stunning arranged drums dance in and out of each other while synths akin to the sonic equivalent of the Northern Lights shimmers overhead. The placement of each of the track elements is impressive and for such a busy track each part shines like a beacon and is able to really stand out. This breakneck riddim vibe continues onto “Cuckoo And Azaleas” and the arrangement on some of the drums and percussion would not be out of place in an Aphex Twin track. If Marijn S or Polychrome Audio is not on your radar then we are sure after checking this release in full it soon will be.

You can buy the vinyl and digital version of PA004 at Polychrome Audio’s Bandcamp.

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More info on Polychrome Audio
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