Premiere: 1 – Chech – Fly Or Die [NIE004]

The Romanian flavour of minimal techno continues to dominate the underground electronic music scene in and around Europe. Labels are popping up in all corners, supporting an ever growing momentum fuelled by the artists’ love for the sound. One such label hailing from the Mediterranean side of the continent, is Barcelona based Never Is Eternal. The latest release brings with it a warmth one would expect to find on these shores and it comes courtesy of label head Chech.

Chech’s dedication to his trade has seen him producing for several international labels whilst running two of his own. The latest in the Never Is Eternal series features an original own production alongside remixes from two artists no strangers to the Rominimal sounds.

Shimmering synths dominate while a deep groove sets the pace. The pleasantries are ever present for the duration, fulfilling a purpose to instigate positive vibes. As the percussion taps, those delicate euphoric notes dance neatly into a blossoming breakdown, creating a ripe moment for hands in the air. Listen carefully for the organic, beach ready vibrations complimenting the overall piece and you can’t help feeling a tad exotic.

According to Chech himself, the concept for the ‘Fly Or Die’ EP is a reflection on what has so far been a very difficult year for all. Yet, the music continues to flow and the choice is to fly and think positive… or do quite the opposite. We choose the former and when it comes to the music, it seems Chech did too.

The release is available exclusively on Beatport now. Early support comes from VincentIulian, caLLy and Viceversa.

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