Premiere: Beau – Be With You (Mehlor remix) [HTCH002]

Fluid groove from maestro Melhor.

Crafting a perfect balance of exuberance with hypnotism, this communicative remix brings the original to life with an infectious bassline.

Shifting towards a more tech-house route compared to the original garage tip, refined drum patterns sculpt the groove. A composed, simplistic loop leaves space for the bassline to weave between the beat, creating a palatial, conversational like unison.

Intelligent placement of each element within the track brings a fluid sense of movement. Machine-like samples zip over the beat, carefully scattered around the core elements, sitting perfectly within the mix. Skippy snares inject energy during the break, connecting with short euphoric pads, patiently anticipating the kick.

Sharp vocal snippets softly compliment the vibe allowing the groove to breathe, gradually introducing new components into the track.

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