Premiere: B1 – Muhurta. – Psyco.Kako [ES001]

Enveloper Records - Muhurta. record image

Enveloper Records are bringing their E-Series to wax. The Australian based platform are no strangers to serving up the sounds. Already well established on the Sydney scene, the collective have a bunch of digital releases behind them.

With their own event series, often at secret warehouse locations, they have brought top producers the likes of Alexis Cabrera, Sun Archive and a handful of their own residents. When they’re not throwing a naughty knees up, you can find E-Series teaming up with the ever present S.A.S.H Sundays. Amidst all that, they’re making their next move onto the record with Muhurta.

Muhurta. takes on both sides of the wax with “Kako” EP. Although we can’t be entirely sure what it means, we can show you what it sounds like. Check out “Psyco.Kako” on the premiere, with Pheek on mastering duties.

This pumping chugger wastes little time getting stuck in. Throbbing groove binds the bassline, a fast thump of energy that would rein hard on any space for dance. It’s quite obvious in the first moments that this track deserves prime time positioning. Acid rags into the under belly of the beat, bubbling sharp stabbing melodies into twisted depths.

Combine the deep and dirty with pleasant placed chords, you’re bringing together a serious ‘heads down’ bop with warmer feelings of flotation. This casual interchange might be subtle, but it makes the break all the more pleasing. If you want plenty of action with a backbone of insatiable groove, this one’s for you. And there’s three more where that came from…

Buy the record on Bandcamp, due for release on 1st July and available for pre-order now.

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