Premiere: A1 – Wally Stryk – Azur [HERMR061]

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Hermine Records announce the release of Wally Stryks 2019 vinyl EP ‘Azur’.

Stryk’s September contributions mark the 61st release of the label. Exercising a work-horse output dating back to 2011, the Brittany based crew have formed an identity within warm, atmospheric deep house.

The premiered titled track ‘Azur’ is a nine minute masterclass in sultry, coastal minimal that could form an idyllic soundtrack to a Sunwaves sunrise. Sounds are gentle and unhurried, slowly unfolding over a simple, full-bodied sub bass, forming the strain of versatile minimal that slides effortlessly into multiple contexts.

A stuttered chord sequence washes over the mix for the majority of the arrangement, lacing with swishing synth pads and a soft drum palate, each carrying an innocent, timeless character that coats the full four track EP.

The clean, friendly quality to the sound design makes for an easy listening experience; whether its sound-tracking brewing a morning coffee, or taming a packed, steamy after hours, ‘Azur’s well produced aesthetic is apparent.

‘Éphémère’ ventures into dreamy, dub-influenced atmospheres to complete the A-side. Elegant breakbeat structures narrate a deep trip, before switching the energy on the B-side with ‘Wuo’s uplifting 4/4 micro formulas, and concluding with the awe-inspiring breaks of B2 ‘Again’.

Both vinyl and digital available on the label’s Bandcamp.

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