12 artists set to push the scene forward in 2018

Trommel writer Andrew Leese was set the task of picking out 10 names who he thinks are doing good things right now. He picked 12.

Ricardo Villalobos, Vilod and Burnt Friedman Remix of AMBIQ Drummer Samuel Rohrer´s Range Of Regularity Album

If you never heard of Samuel Rohrer, it's time to keep up with him. For those who do not know, he is one third...

Tobi Neumann: Beats and Bytes

Here at Trommel, we are always very diligent in scouting releases from our favourites artists, in particular, the forthcoming ones. When we heard that Tobi...

Nicolas Lutz to play B2B with Sonja Moonear at Junction 2 Festival

Sonja Moonear to go B2B with Nicolas Lutz at Junction 2 in London this summer.

Olga Korol: riding the Eastern wave

If you follow the electronic music universe and in particular the so-called underground space, you may have noticed that Eastern European and Russian environment...

Rising Stars: caLLy

Rising Stars is a new feature on Trommel, interviewing and discussing music with some of the brightest up-and-coming talents on the scene. First up is Sunrise signed artist and all-around great DJ, caLLy.


Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Trommel.049 – Dragos Ilici

For the mix number 49 of our series, we welcome Romanian up-and-rising talent Dragos Ilici, with an extract from his set at one recent KatchApp event in Bucharest

Trommel 2018 picks: this year top 100 tracks

When we quizzed Amsterdam based DJ Reiss as one of our Rising Stars near the beginning of 2018, we asked what excited him most...

Raving Around – Week 12

Strap yourself in for another weekend journey into sound TSA 4th Anniversary w Xandru, Einzelkind, Paul K, OdD, And.re & More, London Celebrating 4 years in...

Premiere: D1 – Denis Kaznacheev – Poromechanics [YY006]

Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev showcases his hypnotic and quirky minimal sound on Rotate's newest compilation 'Rotations II'.

Rising Star: Frazer Campbell

For those that know Frazer and his tireless work in the deeper end of house and techno and also his more ambient work will...