Why Not Club launches in Zanzibar with an unforgettable opening weekend

Island life used to mean being marooned in paradise with nothing more than a good book and a hammock. Why Not Beach Club in Tanzania offers island life but with an artistic twist that encompasses relaxation with a purpose-built beach club and enough activities to keep even the most restless souls entertained.

Situated on the east coast of Africa, Paje Beach in Tanzania The Jambo Beach Hotel harks back to a time in recent past akin to Ibiza circa 1971 where the idyllic beaches remain untouched. Thanks to the conservation on the island there is a finely curated, sustainable community that thrives on what makes this a self-contained paradise. From the minds of a cast of creatives from Berlin, Ibiza, and closer to home comes a truly unique sun kissed experience.

With Zanzibar growing each year there are no clubs at the beach, only open air event spaces, until Why Not Club that is. This soundproofed, weather proof club that offers a rooftop 360 panoramic view of the ocean and jungle will play host to a range of local and international artists. It boasts a 160m2 indoor and private area with capacity for 420 people the programming will run from day until night and until the sun rises again.

The finely tuned TSI ‘The Sound Ibiza’ sound system is primed and ready for the grand opening weekend between November 8th, 9th and 10th. Providing the soundtrack will be an unstoppable selection of artists that includes Reiss, Doudou MD, Samuel Deep, Oceanvs Orientalis, Alvaro Medina, Esther Silex, Max Hachkauf, Melo, Underflow, Ras Moses, Fer, Nico Marin, Ozgur Bay, Lu Klein, and Chris Woody.

With the hotel and club being ran and co-owned by locals the success will be self-made and with an opening weekend like this we think it will go from strength to strength.

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