Why?Not Club in Zanzibar end their year with a packed out schedule

    1. Already having a sizzling first season under their belts, Why?Not Club at Jambo Beach Hotel in Zanzibar have just opened their doors for another exciting program of sun kissed sessions. The stunning Paje area is now home to its very own destination resort that houses a fully sound and weather proofed club with a bespoke TSI sound system to rival any club found in Europe. To help celebrate their first anniversary one the most skilled party starters in the business Tristan Da Cunha was on hand, and his low end tackle was the perfect way to open their account for the season.

    This was soon followed up the following weekend with an all night long set from residents Max Hackauff and Ramez. With the weekend starting on Thursday, November 16th the decks were nice and warmed up come the arrival of Travis (Jonny N’ Travis) and the Hell Yeah! Party. As you might expect the night was filled with house rollers all night long and the season is only just getting started.

    Why? Not’s in house party series Salt & Sand begins its season two journey on November 23rd with an all long resident affair that includes Ramez, Michka, and Krista. With these artists playing a central role in the success, both last season and most definitely this season, this event will be a timely showcase of the skills each possesses. It is safe to say that we are more than a little excited to be making our own debut at what is poised to be the hottest musical destination in recent years. For the occasion on Saturday, November 25th we have secured the undoubted talents of Wareika founding member Jakob Seidensticker and his fellow We R The Aliens label founder Melina. Support will come from our resident TODD. There will be a second chance to catch the Wareika sound on Thursday, November 30th when Jakob and Melina for a night musical bliss.

    With a month worth of top events in the rear view, we now look ahead to the last month of Why? Not’s 2023 and there are even more highlights to look forward to in Paje. December begins with the return of Salt & Sand and there will again be handed to the club’s regulars Ras Moses, Allan Po-Ca, and Krista. Taking up residence at Why? Not between 7th and 9th December will be long running Vakant artist Tolga Fidan and he will be headlining Lisbon Vibes and then Pitch on December 9th. Providing the warming soundtrack will be Max Hackauff, Underflow, and Ramez. Hitting a serious stride mid December and Zanzibar welcomes Aline Brooklyn, The French sensation will be bringing his best grooves to the island for a weekend long stint between December 14th and 16th. 

    Baloo @ Why? Not Club

    First of all he will be heading up Hell Yeah! on 14th December with Ash warming up and then with a short break and recharged ready to go again. Aline will be presenting Parisian party Repeers (Interwave events series) on December 16th and this time around he will be aided by residents Ramez and Fynn. Normally, Christmas time is a time for quiet reflection, not on Zanzibar, where every weekend there is always a top party just around the corner. What better way to spend Christmas than with MDL Beast and XP Music Futures top dog Baloo. 

    With the excitement of Christmas in the rearview, attention now turns to the penultimate party of the year and honor will fall to the ever present Ramez. Having played a starring role over the last few months it will fall to this talented selector to guide the dancefloor towards the end of the year. To celebrate the end of 2023 and the beginning of a new year Why? Not have a special marathon in store. Beginning on NYE, the party will present sets from Nesta (Beirut) Fantome de Nuit founder, UJ/DV (Sunny Side Up Malta), as well as resident Michka and more to be announced. On 4th January, there will be a showcase from Fantôme de Nuit, where Nesta will play all night long.

    The international brands and artists are a mainstay at the Paje hotspot and on 6th January there will be an extended set from UJ B2B DV to showcase Malta crew Sunny Side Up. Ramez will offer his expert warmup on the night. Continuing this fine run of parties, Why? Not will welcome the many and varied talents of Enriqua Falqui and she will be headlining Pitch on 11th January, there is more magic to add to this party so you will need to keep your finger on the pulse.

    Each and every weekend at Why? Not you can guarantee that there will be a full menu of excellent music, and with 2023 setting a new standard in Zanzibar there are more dates for your diary coming. For starters, Madrid crew Jazzy club will be heading to Zanzibar on 27th January and they will be bringing with them Alvaro Medina, Erick Navas, Ignacio Morales, JNJS, Jordi Castell, and Sindicato Del Baile. Then next month there will be a Zaza Island Tel Aviv showcase with top selectors Hilu and Roni Amitai playing b2b all night (and morning) long.

    There is only enough time to catch your breath before Dutch legends SlapFunk will be joining on 10th February and then collaborating with Butik Festival and Lighthouse Festival on 22nd February. The line up will include Doudou MD, DJ Senc, Occibel Ogazon, Sedef Adasi, Alex Ranerro, Sumi, Vince and more. The closing weekend will be with lauded French artist Charlotte, but as you might expect there is much more to be announced in the coming weeks. The mission statement for Why? Not is to welcome brands and international artists from around the globe the extensive program of events and bookings more than meets this manifesto. So, if you are planning to join for any of these hot dates, keep your eyes peeled to their socials below for further details.

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