Silverlining shares his experiences of unconscious racial bias in the latest Attack Mag feature

For a child of mixed Indian / Pakastani heritage ’80s and ’90s, Britain was not an easy place to grow up but Asad Rizvi aka Silverlining has weathered these stormy times and for the last few years has seen his stock rise exponentially. Supporters of the scene and its inclusive sidestep being drawn into a conversation on race as like much good music is good music and race should not even come into it. Being one of the shining stars of the UK’s original history-making underground London-house community Asad has, like many artists of similar lineage had to deal with a great many racial slurs in his time but as he describes in his recent Attack Magazine feature it wasn’t so much the name-calling and scapegoating that affected him most.

The main focus of this thought-provoking article pinpoints that up until now the disparity of diversity of the music business has worked its way into all corners of the industry and that includes event line-ups, agency rosters, and even guest lists and party invites, and the list could continue further…

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