MUTEK.AE unfurls its full program for its third edition

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With MICRO MUTEK.AE only a few days away there is plenty to get excited about during the two day festival over May 4th and 5th. The main takeaway from this festival is that every artist and creative performing and exhibiting their skills during this coming weekend is a world class representative of their corner of the music industry. MUTEK has become one of the world’s most notable celebrations of multimedia art and its arrival in Dubai warrants its recognition. For any music aficionado, there is no better placed event to attend in order to deepen a journey into music than MICRO MUTEK.AE.

One of the main elements of MICRO MUTEK.AE is the screening of world class audio visual content and this year there is a full head-spinning program available to all ticket holders. The Dome at Hemisphere 141, The Yard across both days will be screening exclusive works by a fantastic assortment of artists that will run in two separate 1 hour sessions each day. Providing a fully immersive experience that is worthy of the MUTEK name, there will be the chance to dive deep into the world’s that each artists’ is painstakingly created from the ground up.

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Each day there will also be stunning performances from regional and international performers, taking place at The Fridge, Play 1 will involve a suitably all encompassing nature and will give fresh insight into the progression of performance technology and the work of envelope pushing artists. With these performances having limited availability it highly recommended to get your ticket in advance or run the risk of missing out on these musical highlights.

Running during each night time session there will be Dome Live 1 and with this also included in the Day and Passport, these events will offer ticket holder access to some of the finest performances of the entire weekend. Tickets for these events will be sold separately but are no less essential. Taking place in Hemisphere 141 these two sessions act as the perfect prelude to the famous Nocturne sessions, but can easily be enjoyed together or separately. The 360 nature of the event space will allow almost tangible interaction with each performance and will whisk the mind and body away to an alternate reality created by the artist. 

Finally, each day comes complete with a suitable punctuation of the festival by way of the Nocturne performances. Taking place at the end of each festival at Alserkal Avenue, these headlining sessions will present the festival with a suitable underlining for the day and will feature several different acts taking to the stage during each event. Having already announced the arrival of Satoshi Tomiie and Mathew Jonson, there will also be a mind altering performance from A/V duo and Kirikoo Des, aka NSDOS on Sunday evening. These events will be fully included as part of the Passport tickets and Day Ticket, but these can also be bought separately.

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