Review: Sepp – Ritm Timpan EP (RAWAX)

Sepp Rawax

Sepp is one of the many next-generation Romanian’s paving their way into the record collections of selectors across Europe. Since releasing his debut album on Uvar, the label he runs with Nu Zau, Sepp has grown both as a DJ and a producer and has become an emerging name within the scene.

The talented Romanian now debuts on Frankfurt label RAWAX with a two-track EP titled ‘Ritm Timpan’. A-side ‘Nilut’ is one of the most anticipated tracks of the summer. Ever since it got its first play at Sunwaves 23 in April by Raresh (during RPR’s B2B) and Petre Inspirescu (Stage 4, solo) minimal fans have been waiting for this one to drop.

Nilut is a prime example of how the minimal sound is evolving. Tightly arranged drum patterns dominate the first five minutes with tantalising synths teased throughout. A minute later, the drums and the synths come together as the track explodes to another level of euphoria. The long buildup is well worth the wait as the dreamy soundscapes feel like they are drifting from side-to-side.

B-side Tevoim follows the same trip. This one has that peak time dance floor feel to it, with the drums leading the way.

Listen to the full-length premiere of Nilut below on our Soundcloud. The release is exclusively available here for the next 10 days only. The EP drops August 13 and is worldwide distributed by

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