Premiere: A1 – Suciu – Altundeva [LACLAP003]

It’s been well over a year since paris based label La Clap released previews for their third 12” featuring Romanian star Andrei Suciu, and they’ve created quite a stir in the meantime. The imprint is responsible for pushing their own unique curation  of micro house sounds, a deep blend of transformative ambience and sharply tuned rhythms. The duo behind the imprint Jean Cédric Alisonn & Marcelo Cura are also involved in throwing an event series thats been going strong for over five years, gracing venues in Paris and Montpellier in their native France, and abroad in underground hot spots like Prague and Bucharest. Finally though the physical release is on the way, but not before we get to enjoy the fruits of Suciu’s production talents via a full stream premiere of title tune ‘Altundeva’.

The A side cut ‘Altundeva’ is a mind trip full of bleep speckled atmospherics and heavily delayed vocal lines. All the while a steady, sub fuelled bass line sets a bouncy undercarriage over which distorted electronics fizzle. A generously applied amount of echo creates a huge amount of spaciousness throughout the track, rounding out a darkly skewed minimalist cut that will make a mark on any intuitive listener.

Bruno Pronsato’s interpretation immediately afterwards, adds an extra rhythmic flourish to the original. With a purposed energy he turns the dial on ‘Altundeva’, blending a myriad of percussive elements likes shaker’s and conga’s into an incredibly groovy shuffle. Warped tonal notes skip up and down the keyboard, as the upper frequencies are awash with fluttering pad work. A trippy and almost pensive alternative that submerges the senses with its rich textures.

Finally the EP is rounded out with another original by Suciu. A slow burning, low end bombshell entitled ‘210’ that’s complex and brooding. Deep atmospherics haunt the audio spectrum, a murky combination of delayed pads and rippling sub bass hues. The constant click of hat & snare keep a steady rhythmic timing that underpins a tightly crafted cut. Suciu wows once again with his innate musical gifts.

Artwork by Léa Charee
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