Trommel.037 – SAS (Subb-an & Adam Shelton)

Adam Shelton & Subb-an are the co-founders of ONE Records. The Birmingham based label has been running since 2009, releasing music that fits in the bracket of house, minimal and techno.

The label has a core group of artists with Adam and Ash supporting acts like John Dimas, Yamen & Eda and Jack Wickham from the beginning. Their most recent release from Jarau comes with a fire remix from Voigtmann and DeWalta, a track that has been turning heads and been regularly played across the dance floors by the scenes leading tastemakers.

With a number of exciting projects on the horizon, Trommel invited Adam Shelton & Subb-an to mix the latest edition of our podcast series. Trommel’s Andrew Leese caught up with the duo to find out their summer highlights and what they have planned for the winter months.

Listen to the mix and read the interview below:

We’re coming to the end of the summer now where life is a little bit less hectic for artists like yourselves. How has the summer been and what have been your highlights?

AS: I’m actually busier in the winter as I find it a more productive time and I play more. The summer was good. The highlights for me have actually been enjoying family time and getting to know that new part of my life. I really enjoyed Houghton Festival again this year, Under The Ivy in Romania and Lab 11 in Birmingham. They have been the standouts for me.

S: With it being my last summer in Berlin, I’ve been trying to use the studio as much as possible. For me, my highlight had to be Houghton Festival. I played two sets over the weekend that were both hugely inspiring.

Are you looking forward to the Autumn/Winter season events? This kind of year always feels much more enjoyable, with the focus moving back to clubs and warehouse spaces, especially in the U.K…

AS: I look forward to the winter so much, the parties are so much better; especially in the U.K and Europe. There are fewer distractions – all that glitter and shit gets a bit whatever after a while in the summer. People are going out for just the music in the winter, the vibe is better, 100%. I feel musically people throw it around more too.

S: I am yes. As I was saying, this is my last summer in Berlin after eight years here so it’s the end of an era but I’m really looking forward to getting back to the UK and having a reset.

Adam Shelton & Subb-an | Trommel Music

Adam Shelton & Subb-an | Trommel Music

Going back to Houghton Festival. Both of you stayed for the whole weekend, what were your own personal highlights from the artists you saw?

AS: Doc Scott was my number one, WOW! Also, Billy Nasty, Tristan Da Cunha, all on the Tantrum stage – that was rolling all weekend.

S: I enjoyed seeing Mathew Jonson live. Tristan Da Cunha had a great vibe in the Tantrum stage on Friday evening during sunset. I am really gutted that I never saw Burnt Friedman – this was top of my list and unfortunately, I missed it.

Trevino’s Record Store was a nice touch and a much-welcomed addition. How did the conversations start with bringing a pop-up record store to the festival?

AS: There was a collection of people involved in making this happen. Of course, Craig (Richards) and the Gottwood team oversaw the whole project. I guess the process was talk, design, a fair bit of back and forth on the design, bring in the traders, manufacturing the whole thing and then working together to make it happen – it was a great addition to the festival.

Coming on to the mix you’ve made for us. How did you guys record it and what can you tell us about the music on the mix?

AS: The mix was recorded at my house using x2 Technics SL-1200LTD turntables and my SHDJ1200 mixer, a no-frills mixer which I have had since 1999 and currently really enjoying the sound it gives at home. The music is exactly what we are playing together at the moment – we like to think of it as a blend of timeless older music and new music. The flow is very much how we play, a little up and down in styles but always solid.

One Records was formed back in 2009 and has just released its 44th release. What does the rest of the year look like for the label?

S: Yeah, we’ve just released 044 from Jarau, with DeWalta and Voigtmann on the remix. We’re looking to finish the year with an original from both of us. 

Ash, you’ve been based in Berlin for a while, and Adam you’re in Birmingham. How often do you guys communicate when it comes to the projects you’re working on?

S: We speak every day but we have struggled with being in the studio, both touring a lot and being in different cities makes it difficult. That will change when I’m back in London, we have lots planned and feel the time we have together now is going to create some exciting new projects.

And individually… what have you got going on for the rest of the year music wise (that you can tell us anyway)? 

S: Next up for me, I have a release on Pleasure Zone. We have the release together on ONE Records and we have worked on a remix for Craig Richards.

AS: I have a new electro project starting called A-Future. A new label project, more info on that coming very soon and the releases mentioned above with Sub. It’s all happening towards the end of the year/early 2019.

Photography credit: Adam Shelton at Houghton – Daisy Denham (Here & Now). 

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