Review: Giammarco Orsini – Wider Perspective EP – ELM1010

Elephant Moon certainly doesnt need a big introduction. Since the label launched in 2015, label head John Dimas has perfectly selected music for each release, bringing artists from all over the world to mould the sound of the label. The space age theme that flows through the label has influenced a new wave of producers, as well as providing a breath of inspiration to those who have spent some time in the scene.

Italian born Giammarco Orsini is no stranger to the label, having contributed a track for Elephant Moon’s 5th release, the first VA entitled ‘To The Moon Phase 1’. His work has also featured on Heko Records and his release on Anthea‘s imprint Partisan went down a storm earlier on this year, receiving support from some of the best in the scene.

The diversity of this release shows why Orsini’s productions are favourited by many…

The opening track ‘Back To The Future’  starts with a punchy combination of percussion, bass and galactic synths that evolve throughout the track. Although there are dreamy textures throughout, the bassline gives the track alot of drive, holding together the mellow sounds and the energy of the drums.

‘Inner Path’ is something really special. Inspired by the sounds of 90’s Jungle, Giammarco uses broken beats to create a unique rhythm and mood throughout, accompanied by deep and moving pads, and nostalgic vocals. This track will take you right back to the early work of LTJ Bukem, whilst keeping a housey vibe.

The third track continues the spacey theme however the use of skippy hats in ‘Electric Love’ steps up the energy of the release, whilst still complimeting the mellow sounds of the previous track. The bounce of the acid-like bass line is sure to get bodies moving on the dance floor. This one is a real stepper.

Similar to the second track, the final production pays homage to the Jungle movement. The serene and etheral synths used in this track may sound slightly eerie in places, however they break through the percussive patterns and flow through the track, giving a real dreamy mood. This track sounds like a dark blue sky full of stars twinkling light years away. It makes perfect sense that Orsini named this one ‘Moon Light’.

If you are like us, you will be eager to get your hands on a copy of this release, as well as hearing what Giammarco is working on for next year. We are also excited to hear the next release on Elephant Moon, which will be a solo album from Dimas!

Release Date: 30th January 2018

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