Politics of Dancing: 15 years of constant evolution and new P.O.D. CROSS label launch

    Politics of Dancing is a deep House imprint and duo project based in Paris and run by David Matarasso, better known as S.M.A.L.L. and Guillame Paco, artistically known as Paco.

    Coming from different backgrounds, they now DJ together for quite a while, mixing the immense groundfloor and producing experience they have: in fact, Paco is the creator and main DJ of one of the oldest house party in Paris, the infamous Open House at l’Elysée Montmartre, and he has been touring clubs all over the world for more than 15 years now.
    S.M.A.L.L is a talented producer and very skilled deejay, who has already played worldwide including a 6 months Asia tour while based in Shanghai.

    The both are quite active in the Parisian and French scene and both of them have played (together or as solo) at Rex Club, Badaboum, Studio 287, Batofar, Terrassa, Redlight, Sundae parties and more.

    From a production perspective as well, the duo is creative and dynamic: their label counts 15 releases in 4 years with several artists and friends invited onboard. The first and main productions are all from both S.M.A.L.L. and Paco under their Politics of Dancing alias, before evolving the label by opening to friends and other producers they love to play. According to Deep House London, their “Battle Groove”, part of P.O.D. Edits #1 (POD003) was considered one of the anathem of DC 10 Ibiza during summer 2014, while other of their tracks have been intensively played on important stages as Panorama Bar, Rex Club or Amnesia Ibiza.

    Their long run goal is to continue making – and sharing, they proudly say – music with some artists and friends they admire, especially on their new baby launched in 2018 which is P.O.D. CROSS. The new project rationale is to share the studio session everytime with a different guest to produce a track, with the release being the result in the form of two-sided vinyl cut containing two collaborative groovers.

    The first release is all from Parisian producers: Politics of Dancing and Djebali joined effort on the A side, and Politics of Dancing and Franck Roger on the B side. The result is two quality deep house tracks, cut for dance floors, one track pressed on each side of the vinyl for maximum dynamics and dj friendly use. They also add, smiling, “Friends, music and party: that’s what it’s all about.”

    PODCROSS 001 is available via juno.co.uk – click here to buy 

    The next releases in the pipeline are all very strong: the 002 will see D’julz and Oleg Poliakiov aka Skat, and new coming tracks for future are again collaborative effort of Paco and S.M.A.L.L. with Sebo K, Cab Drivers, Sun Archive and Chris Carrier.

    After 15 years of evolution, things are getting more and more bright for the duo, highlighting the constant dynamicity and strive for perfection of the duo.



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