Berlin city guide: Einzelkind perspective

    Berlin..the magnet of the world. The only place in the world where they don’t speak the language in restaurants, bars and shops and pretend like it’s totally normal. I came here for many years to visit my friends and play records. My Berlin friends always asked me when I would finally move to the city but I honestly never had a reason to move.

    Even though many people would move here because of the music scene, that was never a reason for me. I am from Frankfurt am Main and I had there all I need. I love Frankfurt because it is a perfect mix of small town and big city. But then some parameters changed in my life and all of a sudden I felt it was the right time to move to Berlin. A new love and time for a change. So now I am here and what can I say… It’s an amazing city. Anybody who tells you something different, well, I think they have a problem with themselves really.

    Every city is different and not every city is for you but that is not the city’s fault actually. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for or what you like. Here you can find it. It is a really free and liberal place to live and within a short amount of time I felt at home. Of course you have this huge techno club industry and you can go out 7 days a week but many people tend to forget that you don’t have to do that. There are many other things to do here. So yeah, the hype is real…Berlin is a great place to be and here are some of the spots that i like…

    The place i spend most of my time. My “Stübchen” as we like to call it. Hard to get me out..

    Favourite club:
    There are so many great clubs in Berlin and i think it really depends on what you are looking for. I love CDV for the chill vibe and intimate feeling.

    As a DJ you are free to play whatever you want and that makes it cosy for everyone.

    But Hoppetosse might be the place with most line ups that i would enjoy. So thank you Gregor! The best party at the moment is Heideglühen. People tend to forget what it’s all about and that’s the vibe. But the vibe game at Heideglühen is strong, no doubt. Good job, Woody.

    Favourite restaurant
    I am addicted to Ramen for some time now and it doesn’t come much better than Cocoloo. It might not be the most traditional Ramen place in Berlin but that doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned. Get some Kimchi, Edamame, Gyoza and Asahi for starters and then Tonkotsu or Tan Tan with cold Sake and you will leave a happy women!

    La Pecora Nera
    Close to my flat there is this little Italian restaurant that i like i lot called La Pecora Nera. They have a really good selection of Italian wine and the food is spot on. Get the mixed starters and try the homemade bigoli with duck ragout. Delicious!

    Favourite record store
    No chance I could pick one here! There are way to many so i will list a few that i like: Spacehall, Black Round 12, Bikini Wax, The Ghost. I could go on here…

    I live really close to Tempelhof which is an old airport, now free for public use. It is quite a surreal place, because usually you have parks and here you basically chill on the old runway. My tip. Most people just sit down after 10 meters. If you go a little further there is a really nice beer garden with super chill sun chairs, pretzels and beer. Ja, genau!

    My neighbours sell records, make great coffee and super tasty Israeli food. Make sure you go on a weekend to try the delicious all you can eat buffet. Or come in for the lunch deal during the week. It’s finger lickin’ good!

    My Späti
    An attraction for many visitors and easy to find all over the city. This Späti in particular is the Swiss army knife of shops and i go there several times a week. It contains the following features: DHL Shop, Amazon Pick Up Station, Good selection of (Bio) Wine, De Cecco Pasta, A keylocker so your friends can leave your key in case they leave before you, Ice Cubes and the obvious range of drinks, snacks and tobacco. The grumpy treatment even comes for free!

    pics by Lotte Thor / Club der Visionaere drawing by Juli Jah
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