Yoyaku launch a second-hand market on their record store website

French brand Yoyaku are always on the lookout to progress their high standing in the underground community and since launching they have always looked to level up in any way they can. Having recently launched their own events hub VAULT and previously their own digital market place, booking agency, art gallery, and of course their most recent physical store, they have most bases covered when it comes to presenting their wide range of sounds.

It is the latter that has us most interested as they have changed the game with the introduction of a market place for their second-hand vinyl offering. Due to the success of their in-store second hand events they have now added these records to their online platform. There is a multitude of Discogs stores that offer similar options but there are few sites such as the calibre of Yoyaku that offer their second-hand records as part of their main site. The main hook here is that, as with the rest of the Yoyaku site, all the records have been uploaded to the site and offer sound clips of the music and their respective artwork. As well as the browsing experience being top notch there is some unreal savings to be had to as they will be stocvking records from the likes of Alien Communications, Minibar, Secret Society, Partisan, Misbits Records, HOWL, Discobar, and their own in-house labels to name just a few of the imprints that can be nabbed at insanely low prices.

The other main point of everything that Yoyaku do is the level of quality. This is obviously the case with their artists, their events, their digital market place AZE doesn’t offer anything other than lossless formats and their preloved records section will not offer anything below MINT or NEAR MINT. So, you can buy with confidence that as well as getting a great deal on great music the quality of the condition will match up. All you need to worry about now is just how many records you are going to be grabbing one go, I know we are looking forward to scanning the racks.

Check out their pre loved offering here.

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