Review: J Gabriel – Sundrop EP [ONYSIA001]

If there was ever a new release that channels the feeling of being on a packed-out dancefloor as day breaks it would be J Gabriel’s upcoming A1 ‘Sunshine (This Time…)’ on his brand-new label Onysia. A playful track that bounds into your life with an upbeat bassline that will easily put a little extra in your tank if you are flagging come sunrise. Crunchy claps and a straight up off-beat hi-hat combo give more room for the filtered synth line to do its thing. It’s not all upfront beats though as there are more than a few melt moments with the mid-track breakdown and the intimate whisperings of the lead vocal enforce the feeling of sun beaming down on a dancefloor.

Lead track ‘Sundrop One’ on A2 is equally sun-drenched but an altogether a different beast. Claps are this time replaced by a muted snare and a wandering piano line but with still plenty to give you that boost in those all-important early hours. With ‘Sundrop One’ being a shade deeper than ‘Sunshine’ the lead track is almost a precursor to the sun delivering those first essential beams of light.

Over on B1 however, iO Mulen takes the best of both words on his flip of ‘Sundrop One’. Where the original sat in a half dreamlike state, iO elevates matters considerably with a thumping kick but still retains the pre-dawn vibes to great effect. Mulen’s skills are many but his ability to craft interweaving layers of sound is a joy to listen as he adds and removes elements to build up the track. Effortless is a word used quite often when describing an artist’s talents but one listen to this remix and it is impossible not to link this word to iO Mulen and his body of work.

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