Premiere: B1 – Silverlining – Aura [SVDA1000]

Silverlining cover art

Silverlining has been particularly busy in the studio of late. The quarter-century celebrations of being a producer and DJ began late last year, with a solo outing on Neotropiq sandwiched between two very limited 12” pieces available only via Bandcamp. His latest work however might be the grandest.

‘Simulacra’ marks his first ever double-vinyl project. The LP features seven originals sporting the signature sound that has become simultaneous with the Silverlining Dubs imprint. The mothership has become a household name in many a refined record collectors library. The latest in the series is likely to have a similar impact. We’ve taken ‘Aura’ for the premiere.

The second side opener is compiled with all the components one might wish for. Nice groove in the bassline, thumping enough for the party but calm enough for the warmup. Layers of percussion charged with swing cleverly shift the rhythm in the songs progression. The cool, warm keys that serve the melody just make you want to dance in the way that a deep house groover should.

As the melodies get more sophisticated, electronic interference and warped chatter brush in a humble dosage of trippy feels. But the star of the show here might be the vocal sample that remains a firmly rooted fixture throughout. She brings with her a determined, soulful flair that makes you want to positively scrunch up your face with pleasure.

There’s plenty to go at on here. Marking such an important milestone will likely make this one a collector’s item. ‘Simulacra’ is due for release at the end of this week and can be purchased from and Juno, and you can listen to it exclusively on Trommel

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