Premiere: B1 – S.ONN – Wyoka (Rowlanz remix) [CT002V]

Comma Traxx might be relatively new to the scene but they’re doing a fine job of making themselves heard. The Bristol based label launched with their first release earlier this year, a VA full of up and coming UK producers. One of those producers, S.ONN has been invited back for Comma’s number two, his debut solo release with a remix from Rowlanz.

There are some really nice elements to the original of Wyoka. Like any good remix, these elements are retained, with the added flair of the artist on the rework. Rowlanz takes the subtle euphoric notes and brings them to the forefront, a constant swirl of synths laced with high pads. The echoing vocal sample remains delicate but sensual.

What’s really different here is the injection of groove, a deep, rolling bassline fuelled with energy, which is accentuated by exquisite choppy squelches dancing across the top throughout.

Rowlanz is on fire at the moment and his remixes and productions are coming thick and fast. It’s clear the Mancunian has a lot of ideas, making music of different flavours from the groovy, bouncing beats heard here to the deep and euphoric found in his and Miroloja’s ‘Sunrise’ premiered earlier this year.

Comma Traxx are onto a winner with this one and early support comes from the likes of Djebali, Janeret, iO (Mulen) and Dragutesku. If releases continue to be selected this wisely we can only expect more good things from this label.

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