Trommel.120 – Tripmastaz

Russian artist Andrew Guyvoronsky or Tripmastaz to you and me is an absolute force in electronic music. His insistent and groove-packed productions have found their way into almost every discerning record bag in the world and with good reason. His work ethic in the studio has meant that his work is so prized that he has been welcomed with open arms by the likes of M_nus, Cecille Records, Ovum Recordings BodyParts, Nervmusic Records…the list endless.

With a back catalogue like Andrew’s, there is only one way that his podcast for us was going to go and that is purely his own tracks. Listeners will also be lucky enough to catch in action tracks from his brand new ‘GE Trax part one’ EP that has literally just gone up on his Bandcamp. So, without further ado take it away Tripmastaz…

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