Arapu, Tulbure and Piticu – ATMOS001

Atmos launched as party hosts and as a booking agency in 2013, and now they’ve finally branched out into records, bringing in a Romanian trio of heavyweights, with Arapu, Tulbure and Piticu.

The usually prolific Arapu only brought out one 12″ in 2017, his Wasted Ego EP which we reviewed here. However, the Slatina born producer is starting off 2018 on the front foot with his track ‘Arial’. This track follows a chilled bassline, accompanied by some quirky digital sounds and plenty of percussion as you might expect per Arapu. It’s more geared towards building an atmosphere within a set, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of grooves, it’s Arapu, of course it is.

Joining Arapu on the A side is fellow countryman Tulbure, who went the entirety of 2017 without releasing an 12″, but he’s back with a bang. Chillantro is a track with a lot more force behind it then Arial, the rolling bassline is surrounded by heavy, dubby drums, catchy claps and plenty of atmospheric percussion. The drums are the selling point of the song, giving it a reference point when it’s being used on the dancefloor. It plays out at a cool 123 bpm, but if you want to give the track an extra thump, it plays up to 128 bpm with great effect.

Piticu hasn’t featured on wax since 2013, but ATMOS have arguably saved the best until last here. ‘The That’ combines experimental with dance floor dynamite. The defining feature is the almost trumpet sounding synths which push the track towards a dance floor groove and all those who hear it. The synths fade in and out throughout the song, but their void is filled by ecstatic snares and wrist flicking drums.

ATMOS have certainly started off well, every track on this EP has dance floor use with varying degrees of potential, and of course all can be spun on your turntable at home. If we could be so lucky then every ATMOS release could live up to this one.

You can buy the EP on Juno or Deejay


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