The O MATO Experience: more than a rave in the Brazilian jungle

    Let’s start with saying that O MATO Experience is not a normal event.

    On the main page of the website, it is clearly stated adventure of a lifetime, and we can understand why.

    The event is a new form of social gathering on a tropical island  in the depths of the Brazilian Amazon, more precisely at Anavilhanas National Park  – a labyrinth of hundreds of wooded islands and canals, home to many rare animal species. A 10-day experience – from 04th to 14th of September 2018 – that offers the freedom to explore unspoiled landscapes and indigenous traditions, with a close eye on music, art and culture and their co-existence in harmony with nature.

    Musically, particular attention is paid to diversity. Almost all popular styles, including house, techno, electro, minimal, disco, jazz, funk, hip-hop and traditional music are represented. Cecilio from Slow Life have been already confirmed as one of the headliners, with plenty more to follow from the international space as well as Brazil, Colombia and Europe. The main dance floor will be a floating raft on the river with direct water access, giving its guest the spectacular view and feelings that are second to nothing.

    Even the journey to reach the location is an adventure itself. The only way to arrive to the island is by boat, which have been transformed in a 10-hour cruise-party on the Rio Negro. This is already integral part of the festival and does an great job in preparing the guests for what is next.

    The extensive program does not only include exceptional parties with a variety of international acts, but also regional and traditional artists, workshops such as “Herbal Lectures”, “Survival Camps” or “Capoeira” and activities such as Yoga treatments, wakeboarding and massages. The aim of the workshops is to provide the guests with knowledge of indigenous traditions and culture, as well as to give a closer understanding of the biological conditions of the rainforest. They are intended to promote and strengthen the guests’ awareness of the region’s socio-cultural and ecological circumstances.

    Jungle tours and excursion are organized daily and lead by professional guides: the destinations  to exclusive locations such as waterfalls and deserted beaches. Examples are a two-day trip to the waterfall, night safari by boat or visits to settler villages or overnight camps in the jungle, however it is not limited to that as there will be plenty more. “Amazonasreisen”, partner of O MATO, will take care of the organization, ensuring a professional and safe execution

    Another important pillar of O MATO is the respect for the natural world we live into, mainly expressed by preserving the nature and syntonizing with it. This is why the number of guests is capped at 100: this choice results from the natural capacities of the site, as is the only way to ensure a sustainable use of the surrounding area. The research for sustainability is finalized to create an autonomous destination with a long term view, which gives people a place to retreat, to return, to stimulate creativity and productivity. The limited number also allows the organizers to offer each guest a special and individualized service before and during the festival – having the chance to participate on different tours and expeditions and get in close and personal contact with the community is something considered necessary and therefore intensively sought.

    Everything follows the same principal:  local tour guides, regional products and small groups to promote cultural exchange and enjoy the experience in freedom.

    O MATO takes pieces of raves, festivals and cultural gatherings and cleverly mix everything with energy, creating a new format, something far away from what you can normally see.


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