The final round of artists for Portugal’s Waking Life is revealed

Waking Life 10 © coletivo negativo

The much-awaited news is finally here: Waking Life, the Portuguese bohemian and community-led festival, unveils its last wave of artists that will join the immersive week-long experience and sprinkle their magic on stage.

Shrouded in mystery, the festival allows its energy and atmosphere to be disclosed only to those coming to experience it themselves, offering the larger public only some rather mystifying or abstract visual hints on their socials, leaving room to let viewers’ imagination run wild in endless directions trying to visualize what the experience feels like once they get there.

Over the six dedicated days (19-24 June), the picturesque island near Crato becomes an oasis of artistry and experimentation, almost like a real-life canvas, where DJs create strokes of color through vibration while dancers shift them along, resulting in this work of art where freedom is at its peak, nature thrives, and the sense of community feels better than ever. It is a place taken straight out of fairy tales, where nature, art, and music make up the puzzle pieces of this utopian universe where daily routines are freezing for a while, allowing guests to take a breath of fresh air and immerse themselves in the moment.

Among the musical acts, the festival will host a good amount of activities and countercultural encounters. An outdoor cinema will entertain the cinephiles with films from Portuguese collectives and film festivals curated by guests for several nights, immersive performances will take place and allow viewers to stumble upon, encounter, and expect the unexpected. “Apuro” by day, “Impuro” by night – the bamboo temple on the island will offer a space for learning, reflection, and dialogue where curious wanderers are welcomed to dive into low fantasies or rave culture discussions. All these various elements make up this unmatched blend of urban and rural vibes in one magical place that shouldn’t be missed this year.

With all these said, it’s time to get to the news we are all here for.

Following the previously announced waves of artists that can be checked here and here, the final round reveals some interesting names such as Ion Ludwig, with his signature live performance, or Tobias, who is on his way to becoming a regular at the festival. Chicago legend Chez Damier will make a bright appearance, and rising star Dana Kuehr will bring her joyful vibe to the dancefloor.

The final wave lineup announcement can be checked down below:

Ion Ludwig
The Mutual Torture
Ulla & Jan Jelinek
Will Samson

Arno Schäfer
Atlantic Mavericks by Glossy Mario
Chez Damier
Dana Kuehr
Delmighty Sounds & Soulsista Jo
Dj Dustin
Eduardo de la Calle
Josh Caffé
Kibir La Amlak
Lou Drago
Selecta Fontes
Telma & Lamaz

The full lineup can be accessed here.

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