RPR Soundsystem make their way across the pond to ReSolute

The Romanian trio have for a long time had a love affair with the United States and since their first forays across the pond collectively back in 2008 they have made a seismic impact on the world of electronic music. In tandem, the team of NYC based ReSolute crew have been working tirelessly to deliver a truly underground experience to the music heads of New York City.

Having not performed as RPR Soundsystem since playing their part in ReSolute’s New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2016, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh will again be welcomed with open arms by the ReSolute team on Saturday, June 8th for an extended session like only these two stalwarts of the scene can. The venue is yet to be announced but as always you can rest assured that the atmosphere at this special event will be electric.

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