New worldwide vinyl distribution and online store Diskorrekt launches in Berlin

New vinyl distribution and online store Diskorrekt launches with the aim to bring a fresh, empathy driven approach to the vinyl market.

The community project is a community of artists, friends and record labels inspired by exploring unconventional and new ways of communicating through music.

Alongside a carefully curated selection of records spanning from ambient and downtempo, to techno and electro, the collective also provide distribution for a number of labels such as Panea Records, and Federico Molinari’s Hold on Catalina.

Distribution requests for both physical and online stores are open over on the collective’s website, alongside a sea of exclusive pre-orders and new releases from the likes of Giammarco Orsini, LuckIsOn and Omega Men.

The crew also curate a unique podcast series labeled “Korrekt Places“, inviting fellow record store owners from around the world to showcase their tastes.

Each release is accompanied by a detailed write up about each guest, like the first output from Ideograma, a Madrid based veteran with over 25 years experience in the scene, and has experience in seven different record stores.

It is evident this community passion project is driven by the right reasons, pouring love into all the right places. A featured statement from the founders expresses the desire to explore new ways ‘based on empathy and cooperation that will help us interact and better connect with the ecosystem, this being our last and main purpose.’

If you are looking for a record store or distributor that is built on raw love and passion for music, Diskorrekt may be just the place for you.

“We believe in the subliminal message hidden in the music which at all times unconsciously suggests enjoying the unknown. Rhythmic patterns and unconventional melodies will enable us to understand how to travel that path and build that better place to live called Future.”

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